Dubsado Integrations Kit


When I decided to start a virtual assistant business, I was overwhelmed with technology.

I'm a pretty tech-savvy person. I can't write code, but I use technology in just about every facet of my life.

I figured if I had a problem, there was probably a software or app that I could use to make life easier: GPS, WhatsApp, Skype, Uber, Excel, Siri, online banking, etc.

But when it came to my business, I found myself in a predicament: How was I supposed to take the software from each department and put it into a sleek and savvy workflow? How was I supposed to put it all together?

First, I had the challenge of figuring out what types of software I needed.

Ex: website, client management, social media, scheduling, file storage, project management, email marketing, etc.

Then I had to research what platforms existed in each area.

Ex: SquareSpace, Dubsado, Facebook and Instagram, Acuity, Google Drive, Asana, ConvertKit, etc.

But I wasn't done after I chose my tools. I needed to figure out how to use them all together because I am one person running every facet of one business entity.

It wasn't easy. When was I supposed to use each tool and how I was I supposed to flow from Tool A to Tool B to Tool C and back to Tool B?

Was I supposed to use Dubsado or my email marketing software to send my services and pricing guide?

What if leads contacted me through Facebook or via email -- how could I easily get them into Dubsado?

Okay, so I heard Zapier could connect Dubsado to all of my other tools, but how did Zapier work?

Have you ever had these thoughts?

Because you don't have to anymore.

After a year of trial, error, and creative work-arounds, I answered all these questions and more and my systems were finally working together like a well-oiled machine.

Now, I want to share my top tips with you, too.

That's exactly why I created the Dubsado Integrations Kit, a mini-course that shows you how to connect Dubsado to other software in your business, so you can improve your efficiency and offload several tiny tasks for good.

You can complete the course and implement the steps in less than 3 hours!

Are you ready to automate several of your tiny tasks permanently?


Here's what's included:

  • Immediate access to the course
  • How to use Dubsado with Acuity and Calendly (and how they compare to the Dubsado scheduler)
  • How to use Zapier, so you can integrate Dubsado with up to 1500 other apps
  • How to integrate Dubsado with Mailchimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, & MailerLite like a pro
  • How to use Dubsado with Trello, Asana, ClickUp, paper planners, and more
  • Top-secret strategies to get leads from Facebook into Dubsado workflows (for free!)
  • How to capture leads from Instagram
  • How to use Dubsado with Google Drive
  • Clever tips to get leads into workflows and clients to schedule calls on their own, so you reduce the number of emails you send



  • Create your own affiliate program for free
  • Game-changing productivity shortcuts you'll love
  • Updates for the life of the course




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Dubsado Integrations Kit

14 Lessons